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Grow your business through high-value IT consulting

Compelling business reasons are driving urgent demand for IT consultants. As employers strive to keep pace in a rapidly evolving technology environment, many areas of IT need an extra set of eyes and experienced hands to ensure technology as a whole is working toward the growth, protection and advancement of the business in an increasingly digital world.

Lucas Group, a leader in IT consultant recruitment for mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies, employs IT specialists who take a consultative approach to aligning organizations with skilled contract professionals to answer strategic needs. We source knowledgeable IT consultants to assist employers with strategic, operational and architectural IT planning and implementation. Our nationwide network of IT consultants also fill critical talent gaps, provide new skill sets to a technology mix, and guide companies through IT challenges. Our recruiters are experts in identifying explicit needs and the right consultant for the job.

Infuse outside industry knowledge into your IT planning

Deeply networked at the highest levels of the IT industry, Lucas Group IT consultant recruiters are keenly aware of the opportunities, prerequisites and risks in the business world’s march toward digital transformation. They understand our clients’ need for specialized consultancy prior to systems conversion projects and software implementations, and when embracing the latest in application services, data analytics, ERP systems, financial reporting and forecasting, cloud computing and mobile platforms, data security, cybersecurity and much more.

Our IT consultant candidates have insights into how companies across industries are managing IT advancement – a perspective available only through far-reaching, vertical market intelligence and hands-on experience. Through Lucas Group, employers are able to leverage this valuable and complex expertise without investing in a permanent hire. Our IT consultants hit the ground running, ensuring a maximum return on investments in information technology support services.

A fully informed approach is the only approach

There are so many areas of the business that will require the capabilities and benefits of evolving technologies. An IT consultant can help you see today and the future as a whole, and assist you in planning, implementing and managing the platforms and lifecycles of your systems and software. Let Lucas Group connect you with an IT consultant who possesses the analytical, problem-solving, communications and industry-specific IT leadership skills to ensure your success. Contact us today.


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